Tomato-Large (10 types)

  • Amana Orange: Huge, light orange, fluted beefsteak tomatoes, up to 2 lbs each, and have a sweet, almost tropical fruit flavor  90 days Indeterminate
  • Black Brandywine:  The ultimate heirloom tomato! Full, earthy flavor, suitable for container growing.   80-90 days  Indetermine Suitable for container growing.
  • Carbon:  Dark red ("black")-Beefsteak type 8-12 oz fruit    80 days     Indeterminate
  • Chianti Rose:  Large redish/pink fruit "beefsteak" type    80 days    Indeterminate
  • Gold Medal: 1# fruit yellow/rose streaks, sweet/mild    80 days    Indeterminate
  • Mariglobe:   "Traditional" red, medium size fruit    78 days    Determinate
  • Tie Dye:  Red/Green Stripe-Beefsteak type-9 oz fruits    68 days    Indeterminate
  • Palm Springs:  Beefsteak type, very flavorful, red with marbled yellow **this one comes from saved seed so you won't find it in any catelogs**
  • Parks Whopper:  Big, juicy, meaty sandwich-sized tomatos, be sure to stake or cage for support!  65 days  Indeterminate 
  • Yellow Stuffer:  Produces bell pepper shaped fruit that have large, open centers that are ribbed with the seeds being concentrated in a center seed cluster. Excellent as stuffing tomatoes, or for freezing  80 days   Indeterminate



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