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In Person Sale @ The Greenhouse
Today (Saturday June 8) only!!
Please DO NOT Park in White Bear Floral retail spaces:
Drive to the back of the property (K Squared Signs) to 2nd Hoop House on South end

Accepting seasonal container clients (Commercial and residential)
Click here for more information

Become a seasonal container client now!

Colorful planters welcome visitors to your home or business

Options allow you to use your existing containers, have one provided or, if you prefer to get your hands dirty, I'll provide you the plants and design plan for you to assemble.


Typically installed mid-April may include pansies, violas, spring bulbs, and accents such as curly willow and forsythia.



Installed as warmer weather arrives (late May/early June), extended release fertilizer keeps plants healthy and full of blooms into early Fall!



Welcome autumn with a beautiful display of mums, ornamental kale, and pumkins.



Installed Early to Mid November these evergreen beauties will brighten your entrance well into the holiday season!


Contract Growing Clients

Working with professional gardeners, golf courses, garden clubs, and market growers to provide a wide variety of high quality plants free of neonicotinoids.

Check out this short video to learn more about my business

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